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August 24, 2022

3 Major Elopement Myths

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For a long time, and maybe even still to a select few, elopement meant running off to be married in secret without parental consent. It meant choosing to do something that wasn’t supported or approved and choosing your love for one another over what everyone else was thinking was best. 

Now, if I am honest, some tenets of that are clearly outdated, but one I think could be carried forward with us: the idea of choosing your love for one another over everything else. 

This is the heart of eloping: empowering yourself and your partner to choose one another over tradition and to do what you want, not what anyone else wants you to do. 

This blog post will tackle 3 Major Elopement Myths and bring truth to them instead.

Myth #1: Elopements are spontaneous, rushed, done quickly and in secret 

The Truth: eloping takes planning, time, and intentionality. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you’d like. Most people rush through their wedding days, trying to stay on schedule, and miss the meaning behind the day: one another. In addition, the ceremonies can last anywhere between five and thirty minutes, but it is a build your own experience where you get to decide what you want. 

Not to mention booking a celebrant, photographer, and other people who will be there cannot be done last minute (trust me, I would know), making an elopement planned and thought out just as any traditional wedding would be.

Myth #2: Elopements are not as meaningful or special as “real” weddings 

The Truth: As I have talked about before, in previous blog posts, elopements have the capacity to be something truly meaningful and special. 

It allows you to slow down, focus on what’s important, bring clarity to your day, and not do anything except what you want to do. 

You don’t have to rush through a day, making appearances and impressing family members, and instead can move at your own pace, having a more intentional, genuine, awe-inspiring day.

Myth #3: Eloping is Selfish

The Truth: One of the hardest things about eloping is people misunderstanding your choice or judging you, labeling you as selfish. 

If anything, it is selfish of someone to ask you to have a wedding just because a) they believe that’s what you should do and b) they want to attend. 

Those who are truly for you will understand your choice and not make you feel / believe that you are being selfish by putting you and your partner’s interests and needs above others. 

If anything, it is an act of self-love.

I hope this blog post was helpful as you navigate planning your elopement and overcoming the myths or misconceptions you may face. If you need any advice, or someone who has been there to give you some guidance, get in touch! I’d love to help you make your dream day a reality.

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