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November 2, 2022

3 Reasons a Traditional Wedding May Not Be For You

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If you have clicked on this post, then chances are that you feel like a traditional wedding just isn’t for you. You may have felt this way for some time, or maybe now that you are thinking about getting married, you are trying to navigate the way in which you’d like to go about doing that. Either way, let’s go through 3 reasons that a traditional wedding may not be for you.

1. A Big Wedding Just Doesn’t Feel Like You

For some people, their idea of a good time is having a massive wedding, surrounded by all of their friends and families and making a huge day out of it. And don’t get me wrong – that is totally okay. But if you’re anything like most of the couples that I photograph , the reason they lean more towards an elopement is because of the intimacy and privacy. You get to choose how many people you want there, whether it is just you and your partner, or a smaller elopement with just your core humans. If the idea of a big wedding feels stressful to you, then I would take note of that, and not force yourself to go along with what everyone else wants. I wouldn’t want you to feel stressed your entire day, feeling overwhelmed and out of place.

2. Wedding Costs Are Just Too High

Weddings are expensive. That is a well-known fact. Lots of people find ways to cut down costs and save, but it still ends up being a high dollar affair. The most freeing things about elopements is that they either a) allow you to allocate the money you would have spent to doing something you actually want to do (like a trip!) or b) allow you to save heaps of money altogether. If going into your marriage in wedding debt does not seem ideal to you, then this may be another reason traditional weddings may just not be the right fit.

3. Simply put, a traditional wedding may not be for you if you simply don’t want it to be for you.

Sometimes things really are that simple. If you don’t want a traditional wedding, then you do not have to have a traditional wedding. Go off the beaten path and create your own journey. What better way to do that then by getting married and eloping in an awe-inspiring way with the love of your life.

I hope this blog post was helpful as you navigate the choice between a traditional wedding and an elopement. If you need any advice, or someone who has been there to give you some guidance, get in touch! I’d love to help you make your dream day a reality.

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