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June 22, 2022

5 Elopement Ceremony Ideas

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The most amazing thing about eloping is hands down the ceremony. You get to customize it and do it just as you want to, focusing fully on your love for one another. You aren’t restricted by location, time, expectations, format, or anything! You really can have the ceremony of your dreams. And isn’t that just so exciting? 

Here are 5 ideas for your elopement ceremony.

#1: Pick The Ultimate Location 

I have written a blog post on this previously which you can read here, but the location is the focal point of any elopement. You can get married at the location of your dreams. Absolutely adventurous and thrilling, if you ask me. 

Spin the globe and choose your favorite spot! If you have wanderlust and want to explore and see new places, plan an international elopement. 

If there is a place right in your city or town that speaks to you or means a lot to you both as a couple, then plan a domestic elopement.

#2: Write Your Own Vows 

There is something truly special about handwritten vows from the heart. Take time to write words about the person you love the most in this life, and speak to why you love them and what about them you love. This will surely be a moment in time you never forget: you and your partner in the location of your dreams saying words to one another that fully encapsulate the ways and reasons you love one another. 

#3: The Perfect Timing

I highly recommend getting married a few hours before sunset. The lighting, the vibe, and the photographs will all come together for the most perfect moment. 

Pro tip: try eloping on a weekday. This will decrease your chances of having big weekend crowds, but will also allow for you to have access to some places that might also be busy regularly. But I know even for me, the less people in the background of your amazing elopement photographs, the better.

#4: Have An Epic Kiss! 

I would argue that there is no better way than to wrap up your ceremony than by giving your partner the best kiss you’ve ever given them! What a great photograph it makes too. 

#5: Celebrate by popping champagne! 

Elopement allows you certain freedoms, and one of those could be opening up champagne and allowing it to spray everywhere! How amazing will the photographs look when you do the most amazing champagne spray of ALL TIME? 

Pro tip: gently remove the cork in your hand, and cover the bottle with your thumb. Give it a shake with all of your might and see how high you can get it to spray! And I won’t even have to cue you to smile because you’ll already be smiling from ear to ear from how much fun it is!

Bonus Tip #6: Have An After Elopement Party

One thing you can always do after your elopement is have a big ole’ party. It can be just you and your partner, or with family and friends present. But celebrating your elopement after is a must, however you choose to do just that. 

If you have any questions or you’re ready to start your elopement journey, get in touch! I’d love to help you make your dream day a reality.

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