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April 6, 2022


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This month, we are talking all about adventure elopements. Simply defined, it is an elopement that embraces and encourages the extraordinary. It is outside a traditional wedding setting and the adventure is incorporated into the elopement. 

This blog post will cover some simple questions to get the planning started on an adventure elopement. Or it could be for the person reading this that is interested in adventure elopements but doesn’t know if it is right for them and their partner. Either way, here are some simple questions to get the planning started. 

1 – Where and When to Go

First up, where do you want to go? And when? The most amazing thing about an adventure elopement is that the location you choose doesn’t revolve around anyone else but YOU and your partner. The elopement happens where YOU both want it to. Isn’t that exciting? 

Pro tip: Spend time on this one. This is kind of one of the most important parts of eloping – deciding where you want to do just that.

To Get the Brainstorm Going: 

What season do you like? 

Winter. Spring. Summer. Fall. Choosing a season determines where you are able to elope as well as some places are seasonal. 

Is there anything on your bucket list that would make a good elopement destination? 

This might be a good place to begin, especially if you and your partner have commonalities on places you’d like to go. 

What are things you and your partner like to do?

Do you like horseback riding? Hiking? Swimming? Traveling? Incorporate what you love to do together into your day. 

2 – What To Wear

Now that you have some idea on what you would like to do, you will have to plan your outfits accordingly, especially if you plan to get a little bit dirty. There is also the consideration that you may have to trek to the location you’re eloping, meaning you can wear hiking or walking clothes and then change into your elopement attire. 

If you’ve planned to elope at the ocean, you may want to consider bringing swimwear!

3 – Decor & Details 

The decor & details you include in your day are entirely up to you. You may be limited in what you can bring, especially if you are hiking or making a trek, but there are certain things that you may deem non-negotiable. 

To Get the Brainstorm Going: 

Will you bring flowers? It may be a little trickier, but it isn’t impossible. Working with me can ensure that you have every little decor need that you desire. 

Any special items you want to bring? Something blue. Something new. Something old. Something that holds value to you both. Bring them along on the adventure. 

Food and drink? You may only be able to bring what you can carry, so strategic planning is a must. But don’t forget the champagne! I sure won’t. 

Animals? Animals are so important to us and our story. If you wish to include your four-legged-child in your elopement, I am sure they’d be happy to come along for the adventure! Be sure to consider this when you are choosing location as well as not all places are pet friendly.

4 – The Elopement Experts 

There are some people you are going to need to pull your day off. Let’s call them The Elopement Experts. 

Photographer: I would argue that no elopement is complete without a photographer to document your day. An adventure buddy with a camera in hand, the photographer will ensure that you can focus on your day and forget the small details as they are being captured. These photographs will showcase that the elopement did in fact happen and will tell the story for generations and years to come. 

Pro tip: If you book with a photographer such as myself, I handle all of the details for you. You will have unlimited access to my elopement experience and knowledge. I’ll help with everything and anything you can imagine or any question you can think of. 

Celebrant: I would argue that no elopement is complete without a photographer to document your day AND a celebrant to marry you. 
Pro tip: I have a list of hand picked celebrants for you to choose from. They will write a personal ceremony for you that tells your love story.

Check out the Celebrants:
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If you have any questions or you’re ready to start your elopement journey, get in touch! I’d love to help you make your dream day a reality.

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