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November 23, 2022

The Best Of Both Worlds: Elopements and Micro Weddings

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If you have been in the process of planning to get married, chances are, you may have heard the following two terms: elopement and micro wedding.

Elopements and micro weddings have become more and more popular, especially in the last two years. This blog post will allow you to see how you may or may not be able to get the best of both worlds when it comes to planning your special day.

The Elopement

My definition of elopement is this: an authentic and adventurous experienced, created to celebrate the love between you and your partner. There is usually fewer than 10 people there, and on most occasions, only four: you, your partner, the photographer, and the celebrant. An elopement does not typically include a reception, but rather a dinner between the two of you as part of your adventure & awe-inspiring day. It is intended to be genuine, real, unique and focused on your love for one another.

The Micro Wedding

My definition of a micro wedding is this: the middle ground between an elopement and a traditional wedding. It is bigger than an elopement and smaller than a traditional wedding. It can include 50 guests or less, will likely include a small, casual dinner or reception, and will involve more planning and logistics than an elopement typically would.

The Middle Ground

The truth is, there are ways to meet in the middle and I want to give you some to think about. Here are some ideas for you to be in the middle ground:

  1. Ceremony: if you want your ceremony to be private, intimate and just the two of you, consider having an elopement. If you wish for your core family and friends to there with you, consider having a small reception just for friends and family.
  2. Reception: If you don’t want a reception, don’t have one. If you invited your family to the ceremony, then you don’t need to have a reception, if you don’t want to have one. If you didn’t invite your family to your private ceremony, then you may consider having a reception so that you can still include them in your day.
  3. Elope & Then Have a Post-Elopement Party with friends and family. Have a backyard BBQ or a potluck. Do something that allows you to celebrate with friends and family after you’ve eloped. Want some ideas for a cool post-elopement party? Check out my blog post here.

I hope this blog post was helpful in giving you an idea of whether you want to elope or have a micro wedding or find some middle ground. If you need any advice or someone who has been there to give you some guidance, get in touch! I’d love to help you make your dream day a reality.

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