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May 25, 2022

Eloping with Kids – A Guide for Including Children In Your Elopement

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There are a lot of reasons to elope with children. It may require more planning, but it allows them to see that you are all in this together. Planning the day well can foster connectedness, unity and belonging between all of you. 

Here are five ways to include your children in your elopement day. 

#1: Have your little ones be part of your getting ready process

Your children can be present with you while you get ready, even if they do not attend the elopement ceremony itself. They can brush your hair, zip up your dress, or help you get ready in ways that are meaningful and intentional that allow them to feel like they are part of the action of the day. 

Bonus tip: if your children will be part of the getting ready process, it might be helpful that you set aside extra time. Children move at a different pace, and with an elopement, you don’t require such a strict timeline such as traditional weddings require.

#2 – First Looks With The Family 

Having a first look with your little ones and your partner will allow your children to feel so important that they were with you getting ready before your ceremony. The sweetest of moments can be captured during this time (take it from a professional photographer). 

Bonus tip: You could also have your family photographs taken during this time.

#3 – Flower Child And/Or Ring Bearers 

This can feel similar to a traditional wedding ceremony, but the most beautiful thing about an elopement is that there are no rules! Allowing them to brainstorm how they’d like this to go I am sure will provide ideas you never would have imagined. 

#4 – Write Vows For Everyone 

When children are involved in a union, it is the bringing together of the whole family. Writing vows for your partner and your children allows them to feel part of the commitment process. In addition, you could have your children write vows. If they are young, you could have them draw a picture! 

#5 – Designate a Kid Wrangler 

If you want your children to be part of your day while still having an adventurous elopement, designate a family member who is attending as the kid wrangler, someone who your child can be present with so you can get married without needing to constantly be attending to them. It will be the best of both worlds! Having your children be part of your day while having boundaries set in place on the day so you and your partner can enjoy your time together. 

No matter what, you can have a stress-free elopement day with children in attendance. If you plan intentionally and ask for help, you can plan outdoor celebrations that children can love and be thrilled to attend. 

I’d love to help you plan and document the most perfect elopement for you and your family. Interested in learning more? Go here. If you want someone to talk more about this with, or simply want to learn more about eloping, get connected with me!

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