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September 7, 2022

4 Common Elopement Mistakes

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So, you’ve decided to elope! Congratulations, truly *pops champagne* 

This blog post will go over 4 common elopement mistakes to avoid now that you’ve decided to say I do, just with two.

#1 – Not checking on legalities 

It is incredibly important that you have all of your legal matters in order, including all of the necessary materials for applying for marriage licenses in the place you wish to elope. In addition, it is important that when it comes to locations, you may need a permit to be there, or even witnesses to sign the paperwork. In addition, there could be entrance fees to the location of your choice. It is important you do your research ahead of time and take care of all of the legal requirements in time. 

That is why, one of the most common elopement mistake is:

#2 – Not hiring an elopement planner 

Even though there are less details than your average wedding ceremony, there are still some important planning pieces when it comes to an elopement. That is why it is so crucial to hire an elopement planner who not only sees your vision, but can make it happen. 

With me as your photographer, you’ll get more than just pretty photos. You’ll get an elopement planning expert & guide, and most importantly, an experience that will change the way you think about weddings and photography.

#3 — Not hiring an elopement photographer 

It is a pretty safe bet NOT to DIY-your own photographs. Your elopement day is a pretty big deal and I would think that it is a day you are going to want to remember for the rest of your lives. 

A photographer is not JUST a photographer – they are a visual storyteller for loved-up souls, and a great elopement photographer is ALL in on the elopement with you. 

Your elopement is a story to be passed down to generations. What better way to tell your story than through photographs to last through time with a photographer who cares to catch every moment and freeze it in time?

Need someone to help you plan? I’m your girl.

#4 – Not planning transportation ahead of time 

Planning how you will get to and from your elopement is a pretty big detail to miss, not to mention planning the time it may take you to get there and back. Don’t leave yourself stranded by planning to have transportation ready and waiting for you. It could be as simple as an Uber or as extravagant as a limousine! But either way, knowing what you need and planning it ahead of time is always important and will save you some stress on your day. 

If you’re ready to elope, contact me to start planning! If you’re looking for more ideas or resources for your elopement, check out the rest of my blog here.

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