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January 20, 2022

Is eloping a good idea?

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With regulations constantly changing and the risk of further Covid outbreaks, planning a wedding may seem like a scary task. If you got engaged within the last 2 years or have been engaged for a while now, it’s very likely that the thought “should we just elope?” has crossed your mind. If you never considered eloping before, you may feel a little lost with the whole concept and be unsure if it’s the way you should go. If that’s you, you’re in the right place. Here are a few reasons why eloping is a good idea.

1. Elopements are more Intimate

Having to stand in front of 50+ people (half of who you may not even know) while you say your vows is very nerve-racking for many people which can take the romance of it all right out of you. In contrast, when you elope it’s just the two of you. You’ll be able to soak in the special and intimate moment. Even if you decide to invite a few of your closest friends or family, it will still feel more intimate than if surrounded by a crowd of acquaintances.

eloping is a good idea for shy couples

2. Eloping has a relaxed vibe

Elopement timelines are more flexible than they are for big weddings. With fewer guests, you won’t need to worry if you get behind schedule and the ceremony doesn’t start on time. You’ll have time to pop champagne after your ‘i dos’ and soak in the first moments as a married couple. You’ll be more relaxed during your portraits because we’ll have more time to spend. No tight schedule to follow and no guests to entertain. If you want a relaxed vibe on your wedding day, then eloping may be the perfect option for you.

eloping is a great way to have a relaxed wedding day

3. Eloping is a good way to save money

According to the 2022 Easy Weddings Australian Wedding Industry Report, the average amount spent on weddings in Western Australia is $30,045. Couples spent 26% more than their original budget. I would have been included in that statistic if my big wedding wasn’t cancelled because of Covid (a blessing in disguise). A major role that plays a part in blowing out the budget is the guest list. When your priority is trying to keep your guests well-fed and entertained, it’s too easy to go over your budget.

When you choose to elope, all the money spent is on YOU and what is important to YOU. As it should be. You’ll save money, while actually getting to have more of what you actually want. Splurge on the perfect dress, hire your dream photographer and go for a fancy dinner to celebrate your elopement. In this case, less really is more.

We spent about $6000 in total on our Bell’s Rapids elopement. I will be writing a blog soon breaking down our elopement budget, so watch this space!

elopements are a good way to save money

4. Eloping is more fun!

Eloping opens up endless possibilities on how to spend your wedding day. You’ll be free to adventure and experience more! You could pick a destination on your bucket list or hike up a mountain. There are so many fun activities you could include during your day! (Click here for more ideas on what to do on your elopement day.) Eloping is a good idea if you want to have a fun wedding experience.

is eloping a good idea for you

If you like the sound of a fun and intimate wedding experience, eloping may be a good idea for you! I am here to help you ever step of the way. Get in touch and let your next adventure begin!

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