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November 26, 2022

Nadia + Clint | Harold Boas Gardens, Perth Wedding

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Nadia and Clint’s Harold Boas Gardens wedding in Perth, WA was beautiful and intimate.

I met Nadia and Clint in December last year. We were introduced through a mutual friend, who was also their celebrant! (Shout out to Claire, one of the absolute best celebrants in Perth!) We connected very quickly and knew we were a match.

Nadia and Clint are some of the most easy-going and genuine people I’ve met and being a part of their wedding day just reminded me of how much I love being a photographer.

Their day was filled with so much love and emotion. They chose to keep the ceremony small by only surrounding themselves with their dearest friends and family. Nadia said it was difficult to narrow down the guest list, but they were both happy with the intimate vibe of the ceremony on the day.

My favourite part was hearing their personal vows. I’ll be honest, I did tear up. They were both filled with so much appreciation for each other and funny memories from years of love. Clint covered almost every base there is to vow his devotion upon; It was incredibly heartwarming.

It’s always interesting to hear the couple’s priorities for photos on their wedding day. Nadia and Clint’s were photos with their loved ones. Hearing the way their crew spoke about them, it was obvious that they are surrounded by a beautiful community, so I appreciated their desire to document each special person present.

Nadia’s wedding advice: “For the grooms out there try and agree with everything that the Bride says and wants, it will make your life so much easier.”

Here are some of my favourites from their Harold Boas Gardens wedding. Enjoy!

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