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October 9, 2022

Preparing for your Newborn Lifestyle Session

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Let’s talk Newborn Lifestyle Sessions!

First of all, what is a Newborn Lifestyle Session?? Let me tell you! They are usually in your home. They are relaxed, casual sessions that are focused on documenting this beautiful time in your family’s life in a very real and authentic way. I recommend booking your Newborn Lifestyle Session approximately two weeks after birth. However, it’s YOUR story and these sessions can be sooner or later, it’s totally up to you!

If you are reading this maybe you are pregnant and have booked or are interested in booking a Newborn Session, or you just gave birth, or you just love cute photos of babies…

Wherever you are in your journey, I’d like to share my top tips on preparing for your in-home Newborn Lifestyle Session ❤

#1 Have a think about what rooms you’d like to use during your session.

My three favourite rooms for Newborn Sessions are the master bedroom, living room, and nursery. Check out when these rooms get the most light. This will be the best time for us to have your session.

#2 Tidy surfaces.

First and foremost, I am not expecting your home to be immaculate! You have a newborn baby! If you get a chance, try to clear off surfaces like coffee tables, or bedside tables, in the rooms you’d like to shoot in. It makes a big difference, taking away anything that might distract from the important stuff, you and baby! If that means pushing everything into one hidden corner, then do it, there will be zero judgment from me. Promise. I’ll be too focused on your beautiful bub!

#3 Keep your outfits simple and comfortable.

Neutral, light colors like whites and creams work best as they won’t steal the spotlight from your newborn. I also recommend tans and grays, as well as earth and pastel tones. Try to avoid loud, busy patterns, and prominent logos on your clothing for your Newborn Lifestyle Session.

For baby, I suggest a simple cloth, swaddle, or onesie. You may choose to have an alternate outfit to change bub into or accessories like a headband or hat. Try to keep wardrobe changes to a minimum though, as babies care absolutely nothing about fashion and we want to avoid any upsets from trying to change outfits too much. Start baby in the outfit that is a must have.

#4 Feed baby right before I arrive.

If possible, feed your bub right before I arrive, in hopes they will be in a happy relaxed mood for your session. Of course, things don’t always go to plan so don’t stress if they aren’t hungry or need a last minute change. I block off extra time for Newborn Sessions for unpredictable circumstances, keeping the session flexible and laid back.

Last but certainly not least, just relax

The best part about in-home sessions is that you can truly be yourself, allowing me to capture the beautiful authentic moments of this time in your life. It’s one of the most relaxed and flexible types of sessions and we can make it whatever you want.

If you are pregnant and are interested in booking a newborn photography session please get in touch with me here. I would love to chat with you about your vision for your own session.

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