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February 23, 2022

Why Am I Drawn To Eloping? 3 Questions For Self-Reflection

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Here are three questions you should ask yourself as you reflect on WHY you might be drawn to eloping.

1) What is my idea of a DREAM wedding day? What do I actually want?

I think it is really important to stop and dream when it comes to your wedding day. Once you get engaged, there is often a period of time when it feels like you can’t catch your breath. I encourage you to begin asking yourself, what is my idea of my dream wedding day? What is it that I actually want?

If you start to feel hesitant or anxious, could it be that you are planning a wedding for others, instead of a wedding for you and your love? 

One of the most beautiful things about an elopement is that it strips away all of the extravagances and expectations, recentering everything on love. Your love. And that truly is something to fight for, isn’t it? 

This is where you may begin to ask yourself, do I feel drawn to eloping? If yes, why is that? 

2) WHY am I drawn to eloping?

If you are feeling drawn to eloping, there is likely a reason WHY. This reason can often be found in time spent soul-searching and reflecting on what about eloping that is catching the attention of your heart. 

Are you drawn to the simplicity of eloping?
Does this simplicity remind you that your wedding day is intended to be centered around two people and their love for one another?
Do you feel excited about the possibility of getting away from distractions? Or excited about going on a fun adventure with your partner in life? 

Does simplicity and excitement make your hopeful romantic heart come alive again? 

Only YOU know the answer to this. Take time to reflect and find your WHY. Pull out a journal and your favourite pen and sit down with your feelings and your thoughts. You just might find your why in these journal pages.

3) What Is Stopping Me From Eloping? 

Once you have found your WHY, or have found some clarity, the next step in your thought process is to determine what is stopping you from going after your dreams. Usually, it is because you feel you cannot pursue eloping, even if you really wanted to. 

Sometimes the BEST reasons to elope are the same reasons that you feel are standing in the way of your elopement. 

Complicated dynamics? Is wedding planning getting you down? People’s opinions/feelings?

Remember that eloping puts into perspective the reason behind a wedding day to begin with: you and the love of your life. 

If you find yourself fading away from that reason, sometimes eloping helps put everything back into a natural rhythm. 

Ultimately, the main takeaway here? Your wedding day is about you and the love of your life. If the wedding you are currently planning feels far away from that, then elopement might be something you invest some time thinking about. 

Who better to know if eloping is a dream of yours than you?

If you have any questions or you’re ready to start your elopement journey, get in touch! I’d love to help you make your dream day a reality.

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