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June 29, 2022

3 Important Elopement Details 

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There are some important details when it comes to your elopement day that ensure your day is reflective of your dreams. This blog post will cover 3 important details of your elopement. 

#1: Your Outfits 

First up is your outfits. What will you and your partner be wearing on the day? Outside of the location, you, your partner and what you’re both wearing will be the focal point of the day. 

Pro tip: Be creative in what you wear. You are not limited to what a traditional wedding day might expect of your attire. If you want to wear something funky, fun, and completely extravagant, GO FOR IT! I will never say no to being spontaneous and fun on your elopement day! 

Pro tip: Consider doing an outfit change. If you wish to start the day in something more formal and change into something fun, you can do that too! But as a perpetual reminder: you are not limited when it comes to eloping. Be you.

#2: Flowers

Now, flowers are most known when it comes to traditional wedding days. But flowers can still be incorporated when it comes to elopements. 

You can have a main bouquet for you to hold, or even incorporate a flower crown. You can even get creative with the types of flowers you order! They may not need to match a standard color scheme so you can get funky, fun, or even boho flowers for the day! 

#3: A Stylized Shoot

One of the freedoms that comes with eloping is that you can plan a super fun, super unique-to-you stylized shoot. 

Want to order a pizza and have a picnic lunch? Go for it.
Are you able to include details in your day that are unique to you? I highly recommend.
Are you going to hold up signs that say, “we eloped”? It would make for super fun announcements.
Do you want to incorporate funky details such as a jean jacket, leather jacket, fun sunglasses, or a fur coat? The more the better. 

I also recommend getting a collection of items together that reflect the day and we can document them so you never forget. The small details are often forgotten, but it is my job to not allow them to be! 

Pro tip: We could book a studio to do stylized shots as part of the elopement, if that’s something you dream of! It is a super unique way to capture your small details, but also have pictures that capture this moment in time.

If you have any questions or you’re ready to start your elopement journey, get in touch! I’d love to help you make your dream day a reality.

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