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January 12, 2022

professional wedding albums

Five reasons why professional wedding albums are worth it.

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1. Wedding albums are a way to preserve your memories in a tangible way.

How often are you going to get to look at your wedding photos, and remember all those beautiful feelings, if your images only make it as far as getting saved on your computer? Often lost amongst the hundreds of other photos on your computer or phone, you won’t get to appreciate your wedding photos as much as you would like. Having your photos printed in a professional wedding album will allow you to preserve your memories in a way that will make it easier for you to relive them more often.

2. They tell your story.

When designing your album, I pay special attention to the order and placement of each image. Flipping through your album will be like seeing each special moment of your day as it unfolded. You invested a lot of time and money into every detail of your wedding day, an album will show off all your efforts in the highest quality way.

3. Technology is unpredictable and changes over time.

Files get corrupted, USBs get lost… it’s a great idea to save your photos on your computer but I’ve always felt it’s way too easy to lose digital files. In 5-10 years when you want to show your kids your wedding photos will you know where to find them? Will your computer still be able to read a USB?? Professional wedding albums are made to last, and they aren’t as easy to accidentally delete (throw in the bin!) making them a very safe way to protect your photos.

4. Wedding albums are a family heirloom that can be passed down for generations.

As I just mentioned, professional wedding albums are made to last. Each album is handcrafted with quality cover material, thick pages, and professional fine-art ink printed images. When cared for properly, your photos will not fade and pages will not tear or fall out. Your wedding album will be a treasured heirloom that will be passed down in your family for generations. Allowing your love story to be shared long after your last chapter.

5. Professional wedding albums are the highest quality way to view your photos.

When you open your album for the first time, I promise your first word is going to be “WOW”. Nothing displays the true quality of professional photography more than professional-grade prints. Fine-art wedding albums are printed using premium archival quality photographic paper through professional photographic print labs. You will see the difference in the depth of the colour in each image. The construction of the page spreads is seamless with lay-flat binding so when the book is open, there is no disruption to the photo down the seam from the spine — perfect for panoramic images. The binding is handcrafted by master bookbinders using high quality materials.

I highly recommend investing in a professional wedding album. You will not regret your decision, every time you open it up and smile at the stunning photos from your beautiful day.

If you are interested in ordering your own heirloom wedding album, please contact me! I would love to help design your personalised album.

professional wedding albums

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