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February 9, 2022

Best Time to Elope – 3 Reasons Why it’s a Weekday

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Weddings are stereotypically on weekends because that’s when most guests are available to attend. However, when you choose to elope, it opens up more options for picking a date because you have fewer or no guests to consider. You could decide to stick with a weekend date, but here are 3 reasons why you might want to consider a weekday as the best time to elope instead.

1. More vendor availability

Most vendors book out their weekend dates first. Photographers, celebrants and florists are often booked 12 months in advance for Friday – Sunday dates. However, dates between Monday – Thursday are generally available, even with a shorter lead time. So picking a midweek date allows you to secure your vendor dream team more easily.

Still not convinced the best time to elope is during the week? Keep reading!

The best time to elope is midweek because there will be better vendor availability.

2. It extends the celebrations out over the whole week

Hear me out. You get married on a Monday, and then have the next two nights in a hotel for half the price as a weekend, then drive down south, avoiding the weekend traffic, for a week of honeymooning. Midweek is perfect for travelling and celebrating your wedding elsewhere. A great excuse to take the week off work AND save money!

Having your elopement during the week lets you extend the celebrations over the whole week - that's the best!

3. The best time to elope is midweek to avoid crowds or tourists in popular locations

Part of the magic of eloping is the intimacy and privacy of the moment. You wouldn’t want that ruined by a group of strangers watching and taking photos (awks!). Planning your elopement on a weekday will help you avoid running into onlookers, especially If you’ve picked an epic location with stunning views.

You're less likely to run into crowds or tourists, that's why the best time to elope is during the week.

The best time to elope is during the week, between Monday – Thursday. There are many benefits to it and I would love to chat with you more about planning your perfect day! Get in touch on my contact page and let’s connect!

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